Corporate Circle

The Value of Research, the Power of Knowledge 

Re:Gender’s Corporate Circle initiative supports major companies in their efforts to strengthen policies advancing gender equity and corporate social responsibility. We use a gender frame that puts gender into the context of other markers of identity (ability, age, class, race, sexual orientation, immigration status, etc.) to look broadly at how it shapes social norms in a business setting. The Corporate Circle connect Diversity and Inclusion professionals with academic researchers to provide insights, new ideas and best practices about some of the toughest areas corporations are grappling with today. 

We are working together to further the agenda and broaden perspectives on issues under our focus areas—Identity, Economic Well-Being and Thriving Environments.

Corporate Circle membership offers:

  • Invitations to intimate quarterly meetings designed to explore complex Diversity and Inclusion-related issues.  We bring together academic researchers and Diversity professionals to uncover practical approaches to addressing these issues.
  • Access to tips and tools including literature reviews of annotated lists of papers, reports, articles and other materials that bring a gender lens to topics discussed at quarterly meetings. 
  • Access to the organization’s cross-sector, multidisciplinary, multi-issue network of academic researchers, policy thinkers and practitioners. 
  • Collective input by members to identify annual research topics that address pressing issues in the corporate arena.
  • Senior Diversity and Inclusion professionals the opportunity to participate as members of the Corporate Circle Advisory Board.
  • Networking opportunities among Senior Diversity professionals representing a cross section of different business sectors, all who are concerned with similar issues. 
  • Recognition as a corporation supporting Re:Gender’s mission to end gender inequity on the organization’s website. 
  • Opportunities to sponsor and participate in Re:Gender events, including the annual Awards Dinner, conferences, workshops, panels and research projects.

To join, please contact Gail Cooper at gcooper[at]








Corporate Circle Co-Chairs

Indhira Arrington, Co-Chair
Head of Wholesale Diversity Strategic Recruiting  & Prg
Wells Fargo




Megan Hogan, Co-Chair
Vice President, Global Leadership & Diversity
Goldman Sachs