Women in IT: The Facts (2009)

The technology industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S.  The United States Department of Labor estimates that by 2016 there will be more than 1.5 million computer-related jobs available. Technology job opportunities are predicted to grow at a faster rate than jobs in all other professional sectors, or up to 25 percent over the next decade.

Highly-qualified women are well-positioned to move into these open jobs, yet the industry is failing to attract this talent. Furthermore, women already employed in the technology industry are leaving at staggering rates. Failing to capitalize on this talent threatens U.S. productivity, innovation, and competitiveness. To further strengthen the U.S. position as a technical leader we need to examine the reasons why the industry is not attracting more people with varied backgrounds and take action to stem the current tide.

Components of This Report
➟ Executive Summary. This chapter summarizes the existing problem regarding women in technology, lays out the business case for addressing this problem, and begins to identify potential solutions.
➟ The Current State of Affairs. This chapter presents a snapshot of women’s current participation in technology, including numbers of women in the field, average salaries, leadership status, involvement in innovation, and trends over time.
➟ Identifying the Barriers. This chapter helps explain why the current state of affairs exists. It provides an overview of the key barriers to increasing women’s meaningful participation in technology as identified by a number of research studies.
➟ Addressing the Barriers. The final chapter of the report summarizes key promising practices for addressing the primary barriers for women in technology.