Today’s Women: Newfound Power, Persistent Expectations

Report from Anthem Worldwide, the brand development division of Schawk

American women today have more influence than they ever have, and it’s growing. They earn more college and master’s degrees than men and account for half of law and medical degrees; they held on to more jobs than men in the last recession; they have a strong presence in job categories expected to grow in the next decade; and economists forecast that they will earn more than men in comparable roles within the next 15 years.

Despite all this, women still feel the age-old pressure to do it all, look good and be liked. Anthem’s original research suggests that this creates a tension in women’s lives, and that traditional marketing messages that leverage these pressures might not be as effective as marketers think.

Kathy Oneto, Vice President of Brand Strategy, writes that marketers “have an opportunity to evolve their approach by having more authentic dialogue with women—dialogue based on a foundation of deep, empathic understanding.” The result could be good for women – and for brands. Read “Today’s Women: Newfound Power, Persistent Expectations.”