September 2011 Short Survey: Networking and Social Media Usage

W‐Biz Insight panelists participated in a very short survey this September 2011. They shared about their networking and social media usage. About one‐fourth of panelists reported that they attend a networking event at least once a week, while about one‐third attend an event one to three times a month. About 15% of panelists rarely or never attend networking events.

Seventy‐eight percent of all survey respondents use social media for their businesses, and 55.3% use social media at least once a week. The type of social media used most frequently is LinkedIn at 88.0%. This is followed closely by Facebook (75.2%), Twitter (59.0%), and a blog (44.4%). Among those women business owners who use social media at least once a week, 89.2% use LinkedIn, 83.1% use Facebook, and 71.1% use Twitter.