ReSearch: Our Bodies, Our Health

It’s been 40 years since the appearance of the pathbreaking book, Our Bodies, Ourselves. Here at the WSRC we are fortunate that one of our Scholars, Paula Doress-Worters, a founding member of the Our Bodies, Ourselves collective, can share its history so we can see how far we’ve come. And even though much has been accomplished - women are no longer excluded from medical studies; women are half the students in medical schools; and much more - research needs to continue to uncover the next layer of issues. For example, we have to understand why women are more likely than men to leave the world of academic medicine (see the article by WSRC Senior Research Scientist Linda Pololi). We have to understand how women’s access to medical care changes when governments change (see the article by WSRC Scholar Ogderel Dashzeveg). And we need to explore how religion and politics relate to disease prevention (see the article by WSRC Nick Danforth). As I was once told, “for every solution there’s a new problem.” And as I learned, “ours is not the responsibility to complete the task, but it is our responsibility to begin.” Both bits of wisdom apply in this case, and we at the WSRC are trying to help through our research.