Reproductive Laws for the Twenty First Century

 In 2012, the Center for Women Policy Studies published the Reproductive Laws for the Twenty First Century Papers. In 1989, the Center launchedThe Law and Pregnancy Program: Implementing Policies for Women’s Reproductive Rights and Healthas the “second stage” of the groundbreakingProject on Reproductive Laws for the 1990s* at the Women’s Rights Litigation Clinic and the Institute for Research on Women at Rutgers University.

CLICK HERE for the reports of The Law and Pregnancy Program.
Inspired by the Reproductive Laws for the 1990s authors, the Center is publishing theReproductive Laws for the Twenty First Century Papers that includes new legal and policy analyses, research reports, and commentary on current and future threats to women’s reproductive rights, justice, and health -- with particular emphasis on their impact on women of color, low income women, and women with disabilities – both in the USA and globally.
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Reproductive Laws for the 21st Century: Global Perspectives
Reproductive Laws for the 21st Century: Reproductive Rights and Justice in the USA