Reinvesting in Women and Families: Developing an Economy for the Future (Summit October 2010)

Economic Security Summit
October 8, 2010

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Experts in research, advocacy, policy, and phillanthropy from across the U.S. gathered to share knowledge on:

  • the impact of the economic crisis and economic recovery efforts on low-income women, especially women of color of all ages, their families and other vulnerable communities such as immigrants and LGBTQ people
  • the impact of ARRA and other legislation such as the Affordable Care Act on women, working families, and other vulnerable communities
  • developing models of measuring succes

By coming together, these thought leaders gained a deeper understanding of the intersecting issues in pathways to economic security for women, working families, and vulnerable communities and identify knowledge gaps.

The Summit aimed to identify pathways to economic security that can inform short-term policy goals over the next few years and shape a future economy that works to end inequities rather than perpetuate them. These pathways will include the roles of key players such as researchers, community organizations, policymakers, funders, and media.

Summit participants proposed policy recommendations and innovative strategies, as well as built collaborations and partnerships.

To learn more about the impact of the economic crisis and recovery efforts on low-income women of all ages, especially women of color, and their families, read NCRW's background paper. Click here to read more about NCRW's Economic Recovery Project. 

To download the Summit's agenda, click here.

To read the Summit's proceedings and outcomes, search for the hashtag #femecon on Twitter, read the live blogs on the Council's blog, The Real Deal, and check out this Women's Media Center Exclusive, "Power Play: Reversing the Recession's Toll on Women." Click here to download the Summit's press release. 

Speaker Presentations:

Mariko Chang, The Women's Wealth Gap (click here to download)
Randy Albelda, Reinvesting in Women and Families at Federal, State, and Community Levels (click here to download)

Policy Briefs:

Introduction to Policy Briefs (click to download)
Economic Security (click to download)
Education (click to download)
Health Care (click to download)
Social Supports and Safety Nets (click to download)