Measuring Gender Series: Doing Feminist-Demography? Measuring Gender as a System in Rural Bangladesh using Confirmatory Factor Analysis


Jill Williams, University of Colorado, Boulder

Location: 2239 Lane Hall

Applying feminist epistemology to demographic questions suggests that some statistical measures may be "more feminist" than others. In this talk, Williams uses a feminist epistemological lens to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using confirmatory factor analysis to measure gender as a multi-dimensional system using the 1996 Matlab (Bangladesh) Health and Socioeconomic Survey. Jill Williams is a faculty member in sociology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she is also the assistant director of the African Population Research and Training Program Institute of Behavioral Science Her research focuses on gender and globalization, transnational feminism, LGBT studies and sexuality, and demography. This event is free and open to the public; it is co-sponsored by Population Studies Center, Survey Research Center, School of Public Health, and African Studies Center.