A Look at SB 1070 and State-Level Immigration Efforts

A year ago, Arizona passed one of the most restrictive anti-immigration bills in the nation: SB 1070. The bill criminalized undocumented individuals and sparked a trend of copycat legislation introduced in 30 states. While most efforts were unsuccessful, SB 1070 and copycat laws have severe negative implications for undocumented individuals and their families, including American citizen children. SB 1070 and similar legislation erode worker protections and the civil rights of undocumented immigrants, compromise the fiscal health of states, and place an undue strain on local law enforcement.

The Women of Color Policy Network’s latest policy brief, A Look at SB 1070 and State-Level Immigration Efforts, outlines the far-reaching implications of SB 1070 and similar legislation for immigrant women and their families. The brief addresses the impact of SB 1070-style laws on civil liberties, state fiscal solvency, and public safety, underscoring the need for comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level and positive immigration reform at the state level. Click here to read the Network's analysis of SB 1070 and recommendations for policy responses that strengthen the nation’s economic security, support immigrant families, and enrich communities.