Iran’s Green Sexual Revolution


Workshop/lecture by Pardis Mahdavi, Anthropology, Pomona College

In this talk, Mahdavi draws on several years of extended ethnographic fieldwork with young people in Tehran engaging in what they termed a “sexual revolution” or enqelab-i-jensi  in Persian. She draws on this data to juxtapose the sexual revolution with her interlocutors’ involvement in the political movement we see on the streets of Tehran today.  Mahdavi chronicles the trajectory of what began as a sexual revolution and social movement among certain groups of middle and upper class young Iranians in Tehran, and then moved from sexual politics to the civil rights type movement we are witnessing in Iran today. Mahdavi focuses on the transformation of a social movement into a political movement in post-revolutionary Iran, reflecting on comparative movements in other global contexts, and comparing and contrasting these with the social movements crystallizing in Iran in the last 30 years.

Time: 4:00-6:00pm

Location: Bunche 4357