Gender Across Borders IV: Globalisms


Gender Across Borders is a biennial forum for the interdisciplinary study and discussion of women and gender where scholars in fields ranging from the health sciences to literary studies meet to share their research and work. 

On the brink of a climate catastrophe which will disproportionately affect women and other historically disenfranchised groups, and at a time when the global economy is devising new ways to reduce masculinity and femininity to market segments or consumer categories, it is especially important to (re)consider the ways in which questions of gender and sexual difference intersect with our notions of what it means to be a global citizen.  Our 2010 conference will thus convene scholars with diverse approaches to “the globe” in all of its various manifestations and permutations including the Material Globe (natural resources, global warming, agriculture, access, gendered cartographies), the Biomedical Globe (public health, policy, reproductive rights, the pharmaceutical industry, transmission, infection), the Cultural Globe (world + diasporic literature, eco-poetics, popular culture, environmental art, documentary film), the Political/Economic Globe: (globalization, the IMF/World Bank, world war, revolution, international relations, post/colonialism, immigration, border crossings and encounters, global political movements, human rights) and more.
Location: Clemens Hall, SUNY Buffalo North Campus

All events are free and open to the public. No registration fee.