Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women: 2012-2013 Prudential Research Study

Prudential's 2012-2013 Research Study, "Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women," reveals that while women are more in control of their finances than ever, they are facing significant challenges with financial decision making.

For the first time, the study gauges not only women's financial attitudes but men's as well, seeking to identify key ways in which men and women differ in their financial perceptions, approaches, goals, and confidence.
The study also focuses on the experiences of Asian American, African American, and Hispanic women, and provides a regional snapshot that highlights key financial differences among women by their geographic location(see map below).
Key findings:
  • 53% of the more than 1,400 women surveyed were primary earners, as a result of partners losing jobs during the financial crisis, divorce, and deciding to marry later.
  • Only 23% of women feel “well prepared” to make financial decisions compared with 45% of men. See the differences in financial attitudes, perceptions, goals, and confidence between women and men 
  • Only 10% of female breadwinners feel very knowledgeable about financial products and services, and are only half as likely to feel well prepared to make wise financial decisions than men.