Feminist Theory Papers Archive Expands

 The Feminist Theory Papers is an archival collection of the papers of scholars who have changed the intellectual landscapes of universities in the United States and internationally.  Established by the Pembroke Center, the collection offers a rare perspective on the rigorous interdisciplinary work that brought feminism to the vanguard of academic research.  In the last thirty years, feminist thinkers have examined and challenged entrenched patterns of thinking by articulating questions of difference and identity and by exploring the complexities of cultural practice.  These same scholars have also been responsible for profound intellectual changes not limited to feminist theory.  

The collection now houses the papers of fourteen scholars, and has commitments from more than one hundred additional scholars to donate papers in the future.   Each collection contains a unique set of documents representing that scholar's contributions to feminist theory as well as to her discipline and, in some cases, to political work and institution building.  Examples of the research documents include correspondence, research notes, manuscript drafts, syllabi, and other relevant materials. 

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