Centered Leadership: Capability Building for Remarkable Leaders


Centered Leadership Program

McKinsey & Company has combined six years of research with their established leadership development practices to create a high-level and exclusive  capability-building program for senior women leaders—beyond “Lead Self” to leading teams and organizations.  Unlike conventional training, the program blends deep work on self-awareness and self-mastery with direct links to relevant business areas to create powerful impacts both personal and professional.  Program sessions are held in a conducive and unique learning environment.
Already tested successfully in Europe, the Centered Leadership program will be held in or near New York City, with two workshops and field work plus on-going support. Participants attend 7.5 days of workshops: February 22nd – 25th and May 10th- 13th.  In early February, participants will undergo a personal diagnostic; with coaching calls conducted before, between and after the forums. The program completes in late May—for a total span of about 4 months.  Over that period, participants create personal learning plans, bring their actual leadership issues to the table, gain new tools and practice them in their day-to-day work, and benefit from McKinsey's peer and expert facilitator network. The participation fee of $25,000 includes the cost of all program materials. To learn more about the program or apply, contact Helen Loser: or Julie Simeon: