BBRG PRESENTS: Transnational Critiques of Gender Mainstreaming



Ashraf Zahedi, Scholar-in-Residence at the Beatrice Bain Research Group
"Gender Mainstreaming in Afghanistan: The Limits of Policy Transfer"

Bina Pradhan, Fulbright New Century Scholar and Scholar-in-Residence at the Beatrice Bain Research Group
"Towards Inclusive Macroeconomic Framework: Gender and Social Equality"

Kiren Chaudhry
, Associate Professor of Political Science

Paola Bacchetta
, Associate Professor in Gender & Women's Studies and Director of BBRG

The quest for achieving gender equality through policy intervention has led to the design and implementation of various policy approaches worldwide. Building on the merits and limitations of the previous approaches, Women in Development (WID), Gender and Development (GAD), and Gender Mainstreaming, the more recent policy approach - Women, Culture and Development - advocates a comprehensive and context-driven approach for achieving gender equality. The panel examines conceptual-structural limitations of and operational obstacles of gender policies in Afghanistan and Nepal and makes structural and policy recommendations.

Location: 370 Dwinelle Hall