Anti Violence Against Women Plan of Action

Violence against women and girls is one of the most intractable and complex issues on the global policy agenda that will affect one out of three women during her lifetime. According to the United Nations, this phenomenon is a major obstacle to achieving equality, development, and peace. To build a collective response, the National Council for Research on Women, in partnership with the US National Committee for UN Women (previously, UNIFEM USNC), gathered experts at Hunter College in New York for a joint conference (June 11-12, 2010). Leading researchers, advocates, and policy-makers from academia, business, philanthropy, government, and nongovernmental organizations explored the latest trends and findings as well as identified the most effective anti-violence initiatives at the local, national, and global levels.

The conference generated a series of strategies and recommendations for policy reform in a final Plan of Action. The Plaand its Addendum of resources seek to mobilize researchers, policymakers, advocates, and donors-and provide them with a range of action steps in four main areas: political action; activism and advocacy; research; and funding and training.