Violence Against Women, Global

NCRW Fact Sheet: Ending Violence Against Women--An Imperative for a Healthy Nation

Ending violence against women should become a national imperative. Policies and laws need to be strengthened both at the national and state levels to protect women, girls, LGBT people, and other marginalized groups. Such measures are key to national security and building a thriving, healthy society.

NCRW Fact Sheet: Women and Immigrant Rights

Unlike immigrant men, immigrant women are often caught in a double bind and suffer abuse and violence both crossing the borders and on the job. They also tend to receive inadequate and low wages, have higher family caretaking demands and reproductive health care needs.

NCRW Fact Sheet: The International Violence Against Women Act

I-VAWA would apply the force of U.S. diplomacy and provide $1 billion over five years to institute measures to prevent the abuse and exploitation that affects so many women worldwide.

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