Economic Security

Women and the Green Economy

Women, still facing pay inequity, have long looked to nontraditional sectors to steady economic imbalance. Through the creation of new jobs the playing field can be leveled with renewed opportunity to provide jobs with equal access and pay for women.


Race, Gender and the Recession: Job Creation

This report focuses on the impact of the recession on the employment and economic well-being of women and communities of color.


A Women's Agenda for Job Creation

Many unemployed workers are women whose different needs in finding work are being ignored.


Creating Opportunity for Low-Income Women in the Green Economy

If women are to gain a significant foothold in the green sector, federal funding will need to prioritize programs that both train women for these positions and help them make the challenging transition into male-dominated occupations.


Wealth Creation and a Stronger Economy Through Robust Safety Nets

Head on over to AlterNet to see our latest op-ed by NCRW Director of Research and Programs, Shyama Venkateswar. In "Women of Color Slammed by Economic Crisis--We Must Strengthen Basic Safety Nets," Shyama argues that we must build our economy from the bottom up by strenthening basic safety nets. She says,

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Creating Jobs Through Innovation

By Kyla Bender-Baird

According to Obama’s FY2011 Budget proposal released earlier this month, key investments for greater economic security and job creation are education, clean energy, infrastructure and innovation. An article in the Christian Science Monitor this week picks up on that last investment. Says the article,

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