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Popular culture and communications have a powerful influence on how gender roles are perceived and stereotypes perpetuated across society. Re:Gender and its members uncover and counter misinformation providing context and analysis about the accuracy of how the daily lives, responsibilities and realities of women and girls are represented and interpreted in the media. Efforts are also focused on increasing opportunities for women commentators and opinion leaders to influence public perceptions and debate. Explore the resources listed below, including Related Categories links, or use the Keyword Search for more information.

By Punditry Alone?

The Washington Post
Marie Wilson • February 8, 2010

Pondering the Bigelow Nomination in Larger Context

The Huffington Post
Melissa Silverstein • February 8, 2010

"Of Words and Wounds.The Thin Evidence of Asylum Seekers."


Pembroke Seminar Research Lecture

Didier Fassin
James D. Wolfensohn Professor
School of Social Science
Institute for Advanced Study

Location: Pembroke Hall, Room 305

*Reception immediately following





Controversy Over Super Bowl Ad

Fox News, Special Report with Bret Baier

She’-e-os: Gender Effects and Investor Reactions to the Announcements of Top Executive Appointments

This study explores the relationship between announcements of CEO appointments and investor reactions, and particularly the influence of CEO gender on that relationship. The most striking finding are that the stock in a company drops after the announcement of a female CEO, and that journalists reference gender more when writing about women executives than they writing about men.


Gender is a Hot Topic in Asia Too

Asia is probably the region of the world that is both furthest ahead and farthest behind on the gender issue. In Singapore, many women are in management, while in Japan, less than 10% of management positions are held by women. Yet in both locations, the issue of gender is emerging as a key business lever.


Expanding Options for Female Offenders: A Project to Identify Community-Based Resources in Massachusetts


Lunchtime Presentation 

Erika Kates, Ph.D.

Location: Cheever House

The Grace K. Baruch Memorial Lecture


Lunchtime Presentation

Amy Banks, M.D.

The Heart of Change: What Really Moves US

Location: Cheever House




11/11/2010 - 11/14/2010


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