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Congress Must Keep Parents Earning, Children Learning

Just in from the National Women's Law Center:

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Update on Child Care Funding in California

Hopefully you all have been following the child care funding situation in California. If you haven't, please take a moment to read Mary Ignatius' recent post, reporting on the devastating impact of the Governor's line-item veto.  Last week, Mary, who is the Statewide Organizer for Parent Voices, reached out to us with some promising news. Here's what she had to say:

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Obama Talks Economy from a Seattle Backyard

By Nkiru Uzodi*

On Thursday, October 21st I jumped on the phone with other NCRW staffers to get the latest dish on women and the economy straight from the source: The White House. Valerie Jarrett, the Senior Advisor to the President and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls, announced the launch of a new report: Jobs and Economic Security for America’s Women

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