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National Women’s Law Center Gets the Facts Out On Women and Health Care

By Kate Meyer and Nkiru Uzodi*

In less than 48 hours, NCRW staff and interns have participated in not one but two conference calls from the National Women’s Law Center, each chock full of information we couldn’t wait to share! Yesterday, NWLC highlighted facts on women, insurance, and health reform. While the Affordable Care Act might not be a game changer, it is a big step forward. Judy Waxman, Vice President of Health and Reproductive Rights at NWLC, presented data on how women get health insurance now, what options to obtain health insurance have been created by the new legislation, and what those new health care plans are required to cover.

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Dr. Chang Talks Up Women and Wealth Building

Last week in her Washington Post column, "The Color of Money," Michelle Singletary recommended Dr. Mariko's book Shortchanged: Why Women Have Less Wealth and What Can Be Done About It.  Dr. Chang recently shared her findings and insights during our webinar, "Women and Economic Recovery: A Path Forward." As Chang discussed, women often do not have access to factors that contribute to wealth, such as fringe benefits. Women are overrepresented in part-time and low-wage jobs that do not offer fringe benefits such as health insurance and sick leave.

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Remembering Women on World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.  As we confirmed through our Big Five research, HIV/AIDS is a woman's issue.  Black women comprise 65% of HIV/AIDS cases but only 13% of the female population.  As we remember women on World AIDS Day, we bring you the following resources:


Women's Media Center, "AIDS Breakthrough for Women"
Scientists, policy makers and activists alike celebrated the unveiling of a new antiretroviral gel at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna.
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