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"Power Unused is Power Useless" -- A Case for Gender Lens Investing

In her recent article, "A Case for Gender Lens Investing," NCRW Board Member Emerita Jacki Zehner poses the question, "When women hold so much economic power, why do we not use it more fully to drive positive change for our own sex and thereby for the world in general?"

Not one to leave you hanging, Zehner offers a few "educated guesses" based on her own experience as a philanthropist, finance professional, and investor. First, Zehner, suggests, we have become desensitized to the statistics that clearly demonstrate that gender inequality continues to be pervasive. Second, supporters of gender equality and women's empowerment have not framed these issues in a way that persuades people to change their financial behavior.

To read Zehner's full article, click here


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The Difference Women’s Leadership Can Make: The African Medical Research Foundation

By Linda Basch

Now a week after the AMREF luncheon, I want to share why I’m still feeling so inspired.

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Equal Pay: Why Aren't We There Yet?

As we've discussed here on The Real Deal, Tuesday was Equal Pay Day, a day established in 1996 to raise awareness around the persistent gap between men's and women's wages. According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, April 12th "symbolizes how far into 2011 women must work to earn what men earned in 2010."    

Linda Basch wrote in The Huffington Post, "it's time to stop using our economic doldrums as an excuse for indifference and inaction. For how many more years are we going to dutifully report on the stagnant gender wage gap?"  Click here to read Linda's full op-ed where she discusses what we're missing by not fully investing in women.

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NYC Lags Behind the Private Sector in Pay Equity

By Carrie Wolfson*

The NYC Comptroller, John Liu, timed the release of his report Snapshot: Gender Equity in the New York City Municipal Workforce to coincide with Equal Pay Day. The Comptroller, along with many other pay equity experts, gathered on Tuesday, April 12th to discuss the report’s findings and the status of pay equity within NYC.

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Mind the (Gender Wage) Gap

By Kate Meyer*

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Is Obama Changing the Way Washington Works for Women?

By Libby Parker*

On April 6th, 2011, the Center for American Progress and American University’s Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies held a special presentation entitled ‘Obama in Office: Assessing the First Two Years’. I tuned into the live webcast to catch the third and final discussion panel: ‘Has President Obama Changed the Way Washington Works? Obama, Lobbyists, Women, and Managing the Executive Branch,’ featuring presentations from Jennifer Lawless, Beryl Radin, and James A. Thurber.

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Saying "No" to All-Male Corporate Boards

Later this afternoon, NCRW President Linda Basch will giving remarks at the Women's Funding Network conference, The Power of Global Networks, on the importance of investing with a gender lens. She'll be sharing the stage with Jacki Zehner (youngest woman, and first female trader, to be become a partner at Goldman Sachs) and Joe Keefe (President and CEO of Pax World Funds), along with other stars of the philanthropy and investment world. For a preview of what is sure to be an amazing conversation, check out this op-ed Jacki and Joe published in The Huffington Post earlier this week, "Saying 'No' to All-Male Corporate Boards": 

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Health Care Reform: Don't Step Back

By Linda Basch, PhD, President, National Council for Research on Women

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law one year ago, it seemed that some legislators could hardly contain their exuberant rhetoric. They heralded, among other things, “the Civil Rights Act of the 21st century,” the completion of “the great unfinished business of our society,” and “a new day in America.”

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CAP Presents Women in America

By Juliana Stebbins*

On March 4th, the Center for American Progress invited an array of policy experts and policymakers to discuss the new White House report Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being. Written by the Office of Management and Budget and the Economics and Statistics Administration within the Department of Commerce, this report paints a statistical portrait of women in modern society. With data from 5 state agencies, Women in America provides a concise picture of where women stand in families, education, employment, health, and violence.

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