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Social Justice Double-Take: Unemployed Need Not Apply

By Kyla Bender-Baird

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Shining Light on Teen Usage of Social Media

The Girl Scout Research Institute and the Pew Research Center hosted a call recently on Trends in Teen Communication and Social Media Use: What’s Really Going On?, with speakers Kimberlee Salmond of Girls Scouts Research Institute and Kristen Purcell, Ph.D., of Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Both speakers emphasized the importance of teaching teens and young adults about safe online behavior and promoting positive self image.

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Planned Parenthood Speaks Out Against the Elimination of Family Planning Funding

We received the following news from Planned Parenthood this morning:

Yesterday the House Appropriations Committee announced that the Title X family planning program ($317 million) will be eliminated in the House leadership’s FY11 Continuing Resolution (CR), which will be considered next week by the full House. This bill is necessary to continue funding the government after March 4 (when the current CR expires) through the end of the fiscal year. 

Other critical health programs are also targeted for significant reductions – including the maternal and child health block grant program and community health centers.

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Building a Pipeline to Women’s Leadership

Female students have long surpassed their male peers in the rates at which they seek higher education. Yet across sectors, women’s representation in professional leadership roles has stalled at 15-17%. If women make up the majority of students earning Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees why are there so few women in top management positions? Further aggravating women’s uneven progress, the disparity is often most pronounced in the most lucrative fields, including STEM, economics and finance. 

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Responding to Wikipedia's Gender Gap with a Call to Action

Responding to last week's disturbing New York Times front page news that women comprise only 13% of Wikipedia's contributors, NCRW President Linda Basch submitted the following letter, which was published in Sunday's paper:

Today women earn 57 percent of the bachelor’s degrees, 61 percent of the master’s degrees and, as of 2009, a majority of doctorates in the United States. It is inconceivable that this well-educated majority should be largely absent from the world’s most popular interactive encyclopedia project. 

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Egypt’s Uprising: Don’t Drown Out Women’s Voices

As Egypt enters the second week of protests against the 30-year rule of Hosni Mubarak, women are speaking out about what the uprising means to them, and to neighboring Tunisia, Yemen and Jordan where change is also on the horizon. Whatever transpires in the weeks ahead, we hope that these nations and their people will foster a peaceful transition -- and that women leaders and NGOs will be part of the political solution and new governments. We’re posting here some of the women’s voices that we’ve heard in the past few days.

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State of the Union Taboo: Women's Poverty

Originally posted February 2, 2011 on The Huffington Post

By Linda Basch

President Obama's State of the Union address was heartening for its forward looking focus on collaboration, innovation, and sustainable growth but there was a missed opportunity to pay attention to those at the bottom of the economic pyramid, especially women of color and their families, who are being left out of the current policy debate.

While there is much to applaud about President Obama's speech -- its calls for increased civility and investments in education, alternative energy, and infrastructure without back-peddling on health care, there was only one brief allusion to the millions who are being underserved: "our most vulnerable citizens."

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Take the Field for National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Today is National Girls and Women in Sports Day. This day is an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of female athletes and promote greater involvement for girls and women in sports. The National Association for Girls and Women in Sports is one of five Coalition members who plan the Washington, DC-based celebration on Capitol Hill and prepare the materials and products available for those interested in hosting local NGWSD events. 

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Accidental Trailblazers for Tradeswomen

By Tunisia L. Riley*

On January 25, 2011 Women’s eNews sponsored a panel discussion of female electricians, moderated by Francine Moccio, author of Live Wire: Women and Brotherhood in the Electrical Industry. The event was standing room only with guests filling each seat and lining the walls of the Women’s eNews office. Panelists included Melinda Hernandez, Laura Kelber, Cynthia Long, and Susan Eisenberg. The women were all featured in Live Wire and were from Local Union 3.

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