What Does “Revenge Porn” Mean to You?

--By Julia Vanian--

The term might bring to mind the recent large-scale leaks of nude photos online or emotional teenagers sending explicit pictures of their ex-partners (often girls) around their school. Many in the media have been saying that the solution to this problem is easy: women should just stop taking nude photos of themselves, right?

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Six Gender Myths

MYTH: Families are better off financially when fathers are the primary breadwinner, as opposed to mothers.

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Beyond Halloween: Our On-going Use for Witches and Werewolves

-- By Anique Singer --

“Fairy tales are more than true—not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.” (G.K. Chesterton)

Halloween is scary. A coven of witches hang out randomly on a street corner. A zombie passing by in a taxi makes eye contact with you. Small (hopefully!) werewolves ring your doorbell and howl for candy. The fact that the streets crawl with monsters on the holiday specifically designated to be scary is no coincidence.

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Do Sports Events Like the World Cup Create a Perfect Storm for Violence Against Women?

-- By Gail Cooper and Isabel Jenkins --

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Regarding Pride...

Support our work to celebrate gender diversity


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Higher Minimum Wage to Combat Gap?

- By Gail Cooper and Isabel Jenkins -

Passed in 1965, the Equal Pay Act was lauded as a victory in the fight to end gender-based pay discrimination in the US. Fast-forward to 2014, women of all backgrounds still make less a week than men, finds a study by American Association of University Women. Both Latinas and African American women make 11 percent less their male counterparts, while the gap for White women (22 percent) and Asian women (21) was slightly higher. Although many factors contribute, the root of the wage gap may lie in the way American society views gender, families and industry.

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President's Spring Snapshot

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10 Reasons Why We Need Equal Pay

  1. Of the 5 best-paid executives at each of Standard & Poor's 500 Index companies, 198 or 8% were women; they earned on average 18% less than their male peers (Bloomberg, 2013)

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Today is International Women's Day

Did you know that…
  • 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women? 
  • 8% of the 5 best-paid executives at each of Standard & Poor’s 500 Index companies were women and they earned on average 18% less than their male peers?
  • the U.S.

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President's Winter Snapshot

Áine DugganIn late 2013, Re:Gender completed its strategic planning process. In preparation for the full rollout of the new plan this winter, we have been busy developing new projects and programming. I am pleased to present a snapshot of this work to you and show how our new network structure and programmatic initiatives connect research, policy and practice to promote and realize gender equity. This overview provides an opportunity to see the breadth of Re:Gender's work and to understand how our initiatives in your particular sector and field are an important piece of a greater whole.

I look forward to sharing more of the new with you in the coming months.


In this update:

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