From women’s economic security and health care, to gender in popular culture, and violence against women and girls, Re:Gender and our network partners examine various issues that matter. In this section, we introduce a wide range of those issues through our primers—context-setting explainers that offer history, underlying issues, controversies, policy implications and social impact of topics prominent in public conversation. We present these primers to build a platform for galvanizing thoughtful conversations and generating action-oriented outcomes around these complex areas. 


Primer on Child Sexual Abuse
Are We Ready Yet? The ERA Today
Independent Workers and the Changing Workplace
Gender, Television and the Emmys
Gender and Precarity
Equal Pay Act

Gender Stat

Gender Stat collects research findings from academic, policy, government, and NGO/NPO sources around the web in one place for an annual snapshot. It offers top-level statistics that link back to the primary sources for the data and analysis to ensure readers have the opportunity to explore the issues more deeply and to benefit from expert analysis and insight.

Topics Gender Stat will cover over the next year include politicswages and benefitssexual assault, and poverty.

Installment #1: Politics
Installment #2: Poverty
Installment #3: Wages and Benefits
Installment #4: Child Sexual Abuse

Literature Reviews

Our Literature Reviews give a gender/feminist lens to a particular topic. We present annotated lists of papers, reports, articles, videos, etc. on the work of a particular scholar or compiled by a scholar on a specific topic. The goal: a meaningful archive that offers critical perspectives and evidence-informed resources for professors, students, independent researchers, and others interested in the subject.

Gender and Emerging Markets
Multigenerational Workforce 
Gender and Negotiation
Unconscious Bias
Gender Transformative Workplace Practices