Gender, Sex and Sexual Violence

This new multi-year initiative draws on leaders and experts in our network to constructively explore sexual violence to facilitate a fundamental philosophical, legal, cultural, social and psychological shift in how sexual violence is understood and treated. By shifting the focus from individuals to systems and structures we can collectively share understandings and learnings across institutions, challenge conventional wisdom and ask the hard questions. For example:

  • How do we effectively and constructively deal with a sexual violence victim and perpetrator who are part of the same community, whether it is a campus, company, platoon, family etc.?

  • Are we working with a fundamentally flawed premise about survivors, perpetrators and why the violence occurs in the first place?

  • Do our understandings of, and attitudes toward, sex, gender, age, race and other identities shape our effectiveness in this area?

For more information, please contact Gail Cooper at 212-785-7335.



Primer on Child Sexual Abuse

Gender Stat

Installment #4: Child Sexual Abuse