Gender and Precarity

This initiative explores how systems and societal “norms” governing gender and economics create financial instability for women and gender non-conforming individuals. Focused on applying a gender lens across five key issues — workplace structures, aff™ordable housing, sexual violence, occupational segregation and immigration — the initiative emboldens organizations to pursue financial stability for all genders as the primary strategy for ending economic injustice and achieving equality.

Using a combination of Re:Gender's programmatic tools—annual summits and convenings, primers and Gender Stats — we will draw our network into a wide-ranging exploration of research and action on specific issue as they relate to precarity. Our goals are to:

  • Strengthen other organizations' use of a gender lens to highlight issues that overlap to create economic instability
  • Facilitate shared understanding and resources across sectors and disciplines to inform the development of programs, policies and public education campaigns

Topics covered in the initiative include:



Precarious Lives: Gender Lens on Low-Wage Work

Gender Lens on Poverty

Gender Stat: Poverty


Housing Series

Gender Lens on Affordable Housing

Gender Stat on Affordable Housing


Occupational Segregation Series

Gender Stat on Occupational Segregation by Sex

Occupational Segregation Primer

Everything You Need to Know about the Equal Pay Act (primer)


Workplace Series

Gender Stat: Wages and Benefits

Independent Workers and the Changing Workplace Primer


Sexual Violence Series

Gender Stat: Sexual Violence, Work and Financial Precarity