2015 Annual Summit
Re:Gender's 2015 Annual Summit will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on September 29-30, 2015. 

Re:Gender is pleased to present its
Annual Report, 2013-2014

Re:Gender's Annual Benefit
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Be a Male Ally!
Can you imagine a world without sexual violence? Can you imagine your role in creating it? A gender-equal world can only be achieved when sexual violence is eliminated. Everyone has a role. We are challenging YOU to play your part. Learn more

An Equal Rights Amendment for Our Time
In this op-ed for The Daily Beast, Re:Gender's Gail Cooper, Vice President for Programs, writes about expanding the ERA's protections to include gender with two simple words.

Mariam K. Chamberlain Dissertation Award
Re:Gender congratulates Diana Y Salas Coronado and her advisor, Dr. Randy Albeda, the recipient team for the inaugural Mariam K. Chamberlain Dissertation Award. Through a generous $100,000 matching grant from the Ford Foundation, Re:Gender established the Award to honor and extend the vision of our founding President, Mariam K. Chamberlain.
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--By Julia Vanian--

The term might bring to mind the recent large-scale leaks of nude photos online or emotional teenagers sending explicit pictures of their ex-partners (often girls) around their school. Many in the media have been saying that the solution to this problem is easy: women should just stop taking nude photos of themselves, right?


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Financial Report and Bylaws
Our 2014 Financial Report can be found 
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Program Updates

Primer: No Awards to the Academy for Diversity
This primer shows that lack of diversity among this year’s Academy Awards nominees is only the beginning of the gender inequality story.

Literature Review: Gender Transformative Workplace Practices
This collection of resources captures research on workplace norms and how they shape employee experience. Looking across gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, etc., the books, research papers and reports take into account historical trends, prevailing cultural norms and theoretical frameworks for understanding how to transform workplace culture.

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